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AGM Minutes May 17, 2011

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University of Bristol Methodist Society
AGM – 15 May 2011

Andreas Noppers – Esteemed and Perfect Leader (Chair)
Rosie Drummond – Lovely
Natasha Cross – Also lovely, if Catholic
Sam George – Chief Bass
Rachael Fletcher – Free Church Chaplain
Ibrahim Abraham – Mr Moneybags
Phil Wright – NOT Baby Phil
Nicola Beaumont – Sprakly (Secretary)
Jessica Cheetham – Touchy Feely Outreachy
Eleanor Lancelot – Dad is not a knight. Yet. Sadly.
Phil Seal – Everybody’s Vice
Helen Pugh – Also lovely. And leaving the country
Jesus – Cos otherwise there’d be 13 people.

Mike Secker  -Eats dry tea leaves

1) Welcome
The meeting began at 8pm Christian Standard Time (20:37 BST) with soup, hugs, and VERY MANLY cake. And then some praying.

2) Apologies were received from Mike and Davo, but to be honest they weren’t really that massive or groveling so we had a long discussion as to whether to accept them or not. In the end we did though cos we’re nice like that.

3) Reports:

a. Esteemed and Perfect Leader:
We’d had a good year.
Welcomed Davo who doesn’t mind being called Davo.
First term: Journeys – rolling down hills and doing some painting.
Second term: Worship – Taize, Yoga, Prayer Labyrinth.
Final term: Bible Study on David. The king. Not Davo. Obviously.
(Phil W got up to get some water during this bit. He DID ask permission and he WAS still listening).

b. Moneybags:
There is £20 in the bank. The real bank. Not a Smarties tube which we had previously been led to believe was the case. And anyway, Smarties are made by Nestle who are evil so you shouldn’t even buy Smarties.

c. Touchy feely outreachy
We have reached out and touched people in a multitude of appropriate ways.
Built up links with Cassoc and Fairtrade Society.
Merging with Cross Connections as they are folding.
Have been involved in leading worship at Vic.

d. Other people who have done things of note:
Phil had arranged the retreat.
Our new commitment to pray at 9:45 every Sunday has been very beneficial.

4) Motions
a) To change the name to ‘Christian Connexion’ with the motto of ‘act justly, love mercy, walk humbly’.
There had already been an EGM at which everything was discussed. The decision was to be ratified at this meeting.


The new committee should inform Adam King, VP Activities of this change.

b) To accept the new Vision Statement
The Vision Statement was based on the discussion that was had at the EGM and had been drafted by Jess who is awesome and was profusely thanked. Profusely.

The Vision Statement is appended to these minutes.

The Vision Statement was UNANIMOUSLY ACCEPTED as a draft, subject to the following changes:

– The numbers should be removed from the key points and replaced with bullet points.
– The meaning of ‘Connexion’ should be explained somewhere in the document, because otherwise people think we’re just trying to be all sexy by throwing errant x’s around.
– Any publicity created from this Vision Statement needs to be clear that although Methodism is our ‘spiritual home’, we are very inclusive.

5) Any other business
It had become apparent that we are basically broke.
It was agreed that we would start to fund soup on a ‘please donate £1 if you are able to, but pleas don’t worry if you can’t’ basis. We will need to get a cash-box and also a leopard to guard the cash box. This will take affect from 22 May 2011.

Additionally, we would explore with Davo how the Vic community can help support the society financially to help fund bigger projects and events. This is not just because we’re greedy, but also because we want to allow Vic to be our ‘Spiritual Parents’, if they want to be. Financial support is obviously only one part of this.

It was also discussed that we should close our NatWest account, cos it’s just a mission changing the signatories every single year, and we should open an account with the Union. New Treasurer to deal with this.

6) Election of Officers
After much discussion as to how people would stand for election and whether we would use First Past the Post or AV, the following were UNANIMOUSLY voted in. (As it transpires, none of the posts were actually contested so that conversation was completely moot.)

Jessica Cheetham: President
Phil Seal: Treasurer
Natasha Cross: Secretary
NPO: Rosie Drummond.

Unbelievably, no one had to be coerced into any of the positions, which almost never happens.

Vice President and one (Or possibly two. We’re flexible) NPO positions remain unfilled, but this is not essential for the running of the society. We can always co-pt on the keen-bean-newbies next term.

The meeting finished with some praying, some washing up and general jollity at 10pm Christian Standard Time (22:18 BST).

Appendix 1:

Christian Connexions
Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly

Vision Statement
Christian Connexions is a society born out of the Bristol University Methodist Society and remains wholly committed to that foundation and the link with Victoria Methodist Church. We also embrace the mission of Cross Connections; a commitment to social justice as an integral part of the Christian lifestyle. We want to provide an inclusive and welcoming community for students on campus, both Christians and those interested in the Christian faith. We aim to be a spiritual home where all will feel loved, accepted and free to explore their individual journeys with Christ.
We commit to serve this vision through, in no particular order;
1. Fellowship
2. Discipleship
3. Evangelism and outreach
4. Social Justice, Action and Service
Including a commitment to periodically invite speakers from charities and social justice organisations to lead meetings.

5. Prayer and Worship
Specifically, to continue MethSoc’s current commitment to pray together for fifteen minutes at every meeting.

6. Bible Study
7.Building an inclusive community
8. Commitment to the Victoria Methodist Church community
Including leading worship at Victoria at least once every academic year and encouraging any of our members who are interested to play an active part in Church life.

March 2011


Methsoc Term Plan – Spring 2011 – Exploring Worship January 24, 2011

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Date                                                Thing                                                            Soup

30 Jan                                            Jessica’s Women – Jessica                  Andre

6 Feb                                                Contemplative Worship – Phil            Rosie

13 Feb                                             Planning for Service – Davo                 Ibrahim

20 Feb                                                Yoga as Worship – Nicola                  Phil

27 Feb                                                Praise and Worship Eve ???                         Nikki

6 March                                            Speaker tbc                                                   Jess

13 March                                          Solidarity Prayers – Jess?                        Sam?

20 March                                             Speaker tbc                                                Rosie

27 March                                             RETREAT                                                No MethSoc

Plus – exciting things:

Service at Victoria 6 March

Cake giving outing

A trip to Night Church

And – absolute commitment to pray at 21:45 together on a Sunday night


Coming up: Things are happening and it’s excting November 30, 2010

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We are having a JOINT hanging out sesh with other Christian Faith Socieites in the University, so look out for CU, Cassoc and Cross Connections!!  Woop woop!  And it’s going to have a Fairtrade theme.  Woooooooooooooooooooooooooop.


There will be no soup. Booooo.  But there will be cake! Yaaaaaay.


The evening will consist of a Fairtrade presentation, Fairtrade Quiz and Fairtrade Prayers (I don’t know what that means exactly, but I’m sure God is down with it.)


Would anyone like to bake?  If so, do let Jesskins know at


Donations for Fairtrade will be most welcome.



What has been and what will be November 10, 2010

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Another busy couple of weeks at MethSoc Towers.

The Sunday before last was apparently awesome.  It was also the only one Sprakly couldn’t go to, which she’s sad about.  There was some sort of labyrinth thingy and stages of contemplation and it was beautiful and amazing and uplifting etc.


Then last Sunday, David Hart (DAVOOOOOO!) came and talked to us about his faith journey and challenged us to think about how we look back at our pasts and the church’s past.   We also used big words like ‘providence’ and ‘predestination’ but we promise this was just a one off.


Coming Up: Jesskins is bringing a donkey and going to talk to us about Balaam.  It will be ace.  8pm at the Chaplaincy.  You know the drill.



What we’ve been up to October 24, 2010

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Just got back from a lovely MethSoc tonight.  To continue on our theme of ‘Journeys’ which Ibrahim kicked off for us last week, we went on our own journey up to Brandon Hill.

While we waited for everyone we tried out the human-knot, everybody’s favourite wrist-snapping, shoulder-dislocating, inappropriate-touching game.  We gave up in the end as sooner or later someone was going to lose an eye or an arm, or possibly a head.

So we  all bundled up and sauntered off up Brandon Hill and didn’t get too cold, and it was a glorious clear night with a full moon and lots and lots of stars.   Theology Mike and Badass Phil rolled down the hill, much to Sprakly’s horror, given that it was so dark we couldn’t see to the bottom.  Thankfully they survived unscathed. Which was good cos Sprakly wasn’t sure about whether we even had insurance and if so if it covered ‘boyish larks’ or ‘high jinx’.

The view from the hill was beautiful and we really felt part of Bristol as a city rather than just inside a student bubble.

We headed back to the Chaplaincy.  Sprakly had made soup, which thankfully turned out ok, despite a rather large dose of cinnamon ending up in it.  Seeing as there was no room in the fridge we put what soup remained into sandwich bags and took them home.  Sadly they looked like bags of sick, but they tasted good.

Speaking of sick the only bad thing about the evening was that the dishwasher smelt as though someone threw up in it – is there anything you’d like to confess?


Coming Up – Fresh and Sunday 17 Oct October 6, 2010

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We’ll be on a stand in the Lady Windsor Theatre on Thursday (7th) and Friday (8th) of this week.  Come and say Hi, sign up, get a hug.

On Sunday 17 Oct we’ll be having our first meeting, introducing our theme of Journeys.  There’ll be soup and pizza and a chance to just get to know each other a bit and for you to get a rough idea of what MethSoc is and does.  We’d love to have as many there as possible.  Lifts are available from Stokey B, just email to sort it out.


Journey – This Term’s Theme

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Following a very successful planning meeting I am pleased to announce that this term’s theme will be ‘Journey’.

We’ll be throwing it open to all of MethSoc to get involved leading part of or all of a session, so do  some blue sky thinking andthink outside of the box and let us know if you have any awesome ideas.  Also if you know of any speakers who might be up for something then let us know that too!